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König Ludwig Skilanglauf e.V. Oberammergau/Germany

Turnerweg 6a, 82487 Oberammergau


Participants insurance is covered by  Organisation der Freunde des Skilauf's (ARAG) of  the DSV.

Starting order

Saturday, 06.02.2021


09.00 o'clock

09.00 o'clock

10.00 o'clock

21km/10km free technique

World championship doctors and physicians FT (WMCC)

50 km free technique


14.00 o'clock

14.00 o'clock

"Mini-Kini" 4 km and 6 km Ettal

Kindergardenrace at finish area

Sunday, 07.02.2021


09.00 o'clock

09.00 o'clock

09.00 o'clock

50km classical technique

World championship doctors and physicians CT (WMCC)

Int. German Championship Skimarathon


12.00 o'clock

21/10km classical technique

detailed timetable

Start area

The start line is situated  1 km south the junction before Ettal (direction Linderhof castle – Reutte/Tirol).

Distribution of start numbers, late registration & fair
Distribution of start numbers, late registration & fair

Friday, 31.01.2020

11.00 - 18.30 o'clock


Saturday, 01.02.2020

11.30 - 18.00 o'clock


Not withdrawn numbers will be available at the starting line on both racing days in Ettal. Saturday 07:00 o'clock. Sunday on 07:00 o'clock and 11:00 o'clock.

Entry fees and processing fees for changes
Price giving ceremonies
Saturday, 06.02.2021 10km free technique 11.30 o'clock finish area in Oberammergau
Saturday, 06.02.2021 21km free technique 11.30 o'clock finish area in Oberammergau
Saturday, 06.02.2021 50km free technique 13.00 o'clock finish area in Oberammergau
Saturday, 06.02.2021 Mini-Kini 15.00 o'clock finish area in Oberammergau
Sunday, 07.02.2021 50km classical technique 12:00 o'clock finish area in Oberammergau
Sunday, 07.02.2021 21km classical technique 14:00 o'clock finish area in Oberammergau
Sunday, 07.02.2021 10km classical technique 14:00 o'clock finish area in Oberammergau
World championship for physicians and pharmacists (WMCC)
Group and Club registrations

Group- or Club- (Groups must be min. 10 participants) leaders are kindly requested to pick up the race numbers personally and to submit the paying in slip. Please download the group registration form here.

Bad weather

In case of bad weather or lack of snow the organization will shorten or modify the track.


Participants have to be in good physical conditions. The Organisation is not responsible for this.


In case of illness the registration fee will be credited for the following year when a physician’s certificate is submitted.

Cancellation rules

All payments made by 31.12.2020 shall be reimbursed 50% (bank transfer charges deducted) of the subscription fee in case the race has to be cancelled due force majeure (e.g. weather conditions). Payments from 01.01.2021 will not be reimbursed. Claims for reimbursement must be received by 01.03. the year of the failed event. After 01.03. in the year of the failed event we cannot refund.

The transponders are located on the inside of your race number. Please keep in mind that on the front and the back of your bib a transponder has to be attached inside. Should a transponder be damaged or missing, please contact our staff at the startnumber distribution, they will help you. No time measurement is possible without transponders! The transponders are not re-usable and need not to be returned.

Jugend (nur bei 10km) 
(J 14) 14 Jahre
Jugend (nur bei 10km)
(J 15) 15 Jahre
(J 16) 16 Jahre
(J 17) 17 Jahre
Juniors 19
(J 19) 19 — 20 Jahre
W/M 21 
(W / M 21) 21 — 30 Jahre
W/M 31 
(W / M 31) 31 — 35 Jahre
W/M 36
(W / M 36) 36 — 40 Jahre
W/M 41  
(W / M 41) 41 — 45 Jahre
W/M 46 
(W / M 46) 46 — 50 Jahre
W/M 51 
(W / M 51) 51 — 55 Jahre
W/M 56
(W / M 56) 56 — 60 Jahre
W/M 61 
(W / M 61) 61 — 65 Jahre
W/M 66 
(W / M 66) 66 — 70 Jahre
W/M 71 
(W / M 71) 71 — 75 Jahre
W/M 76 
(W / M 76) 76 — 80 Jahre
W/M 81 
(W / M 81) 81 — 85 Jahre
W/M 86 
(W / M 86) 86 — 90 Jahre
W/M 91 
(W / M 91) 91 — 95 Jahre
Transportation and Shuttlebusses

Bus stops are indicated in Oberammergau along the main road. After the race from the finish area at the sports hall in Oberammergau to the parking spaces half hourly. The transportation to the start area will be begin on both days at 07:30 o'clock.

You can download the bus plan here.


On the big parking area called ‘Festplatz’ in Oberammergau right at the entrance of the town when entering Oberammergau from the direction of Ettal. You can also use the parking space in Ettal near the starting area. Please use the car sticker in your starting bag for park permission.

Deutschland Klassiker

All information available here:


Holders of Worldloppet passports have the opportunity to obtain participation stamp after the race in the finish area. You can also buy a passport at the Ammergauer Haus and at the finish area. More information about Worldloppet


Participants creating a jumped start on purpose are disqualified. As well as participant ants doing  freestyle during the classic technique race. The jury will decide in case of reclamation.

Returning the garment bag, catering and showers

Bags will be handed out in the gym hall (finish area), where the catering is. You will find also shower possibilities there.

Guarded ski storage

Next to the gym hall (finish area) you will find a guarded area, please deposit your skis and ski poles here. The organizer disclaims liability for skis and ski poles that have not been given into custody. You can not enter the gym with your skis and poles.

Adress and fotos

In order to be able to send information material to the participants, the addresses and e-mail addresses provided by the participants are used. Please note.

Image and film recordings of participants may be used by King Ludwig Lauf e.V. in his publications as well as in advertising material. A right of objection of the participants remains unaffected.


After the event you can see and buy your personal fotos here Go4It-Foto.

The registration fee includes
Refreshments and beverages along the track and in the gym hall
Possibility to shower in the gym
Shuttle service to the start and from the finish
Guarded custody
Ski and ski pole service
Transportation of garment bag
Start number (recyclable)
Ski sticker
Information brochure
Bavarian Red Cross service
Mountain rescue team  
Medical team on stand by for emergency duties
Time keeping
Payment options

We accept following payment options:


Band details:

VR-Bank Werdenfels e.G.

IBAN: DE56 7039 0000 0100 2002 47 (BIC: GENODEF1GAP)

Raceoffice (open all year)
König Ludwig Skilanglauf e.V.
Turnerweg 6a
82487 Oberammergau
Fax + 49 (0) 88 22/839


The lineup is defined by the OC according to FIS-Rules. The event is also defined by the IWO.

Starting lineup: 

Participants competing on the long distance and who arrived among the first 100 in the forgone year have the right to start in the first group (not in the Elite group). Regarding the short distance the first 50 finishers of the foregone year will be considered for the first group (not in the Elite group).

From each other participant are results from 3 similar races required. Here we place after the best selection.

14 days before the race, a division into the first starting block is no longer possible. Please note this. Except Nationalteams 


Worldloppet FIS Marathon Cup


1. Startblock

Only with proof of achievement

The first 100 from last year's race (50km)

The first 50 from last year's race (21km)

2. Startblock

Without proof of achievement. After receipt of the registration.

3. Startblock

Without proof of achievement. After receipt of the registration.

All participants must enter the assigned starting field via the corresponding entrance. They will be registered via their time measurement chip.
Entering the starting field outside the assigned entrances leads to disqualification.


König Ludwig Lauf e.V.
Turnerweg 6a
82487 Oberammergau/Germany



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