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The König Ludwig Lauf takes part in a nature reserve and the course runs over land owned by different landowners. Littering is forbidden according to German law and König Ludwig Lauf has worked towards a zero-tolerance approach to littering in the arena, but it has not had the desired effect. 
So the OC will impose a 15 minute time penalty to participants who do not follow this rule.
In order to apply the time penalty there will be photographic evidence during all races to identify participants.
We will place inspectors in strategic locations where we, from experience, know that participants tend to litter. The rule applies to all participants during all races and, for example, a time penalty in König Ludwig Lauf could lead to a participant moving down one start group in their seeding for next year.
A zero-tolerance policy against littering at the competitions is our way, and we want our participants to take this issue seriously and help us, which, happily, the wide majority of participants do.
It is allowed to throw garbage in three different ways during König Ludwig Lauf, you will be caught by throwing debris otherwise you may be penalized with a time penalty of 15 minutes. You must throw litter:
•In the bins at the feeding stations.
•In the marked littering zones between each feeding stations.
•Where you as a participant know that a team leader or associate will pick up what you throw.
Elite skiers and their teams takes responsibility for, and picks up, any of their waste that is thrown along the track. Time penalties will be given also to elite skiers. All teams will be informed at the Teams Captain´s Meeting about this rules.


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